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our story

It’s all good here

Studio Ossian is a living space. It came about from a passion to create a creative work environment for one business but grew quickly and organically into a shared office environment where entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses collaborate.

We’ve attracted an eclectic mix of people who don’t just share the space, they share knowledge, experience, skills and goodwill too. Our culture has developed over the years through the down to earth, caring bunch of people who have become a part of the studio. Studio Ossian is far more than just a space to work. It’s a place where professional bounce and friendship mingle and a feeling of shared dreams pervades. And that’s what makes it so special.


Support is our strength

Seeing different businesses supporting each other through expertise, advice or ideas around the coffee machine is pretty common.

And when we see a freelancer form a network of likeminded peers who collaborate on projects and play pool, we know it’s working.


A new way of working

We’re really excited about what Studio Ossian can offer post-Covid-19. Things will be different – we liken it to a natural storm where trees come down and allow light and opportunity for new growth. We’re always evolving and adapting here, and are up for the challenge to provide a healthy environment for business people and creative minds where innovation can flourish.


It’s our place too

Studio Ossian is owned and managed by Tom and Vicki Allan. Tom was an original founder and works out of the space as a videographer and photographer. You’ll find him there with his finger on the pulse keeping things real.